When it comes to event planning and rentals, we constantly hear, “we want to make our event different then any other event we have been to.” Over the years, we have developed a few ticks and trick on how to help achieve this. Below are five tips and tricks to help make your next event EPIC:

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5 Pro Planning tips to ensure your next event is EPIC:

  1. Create an amazing experience – Focus on the experience your guest will receive from start to finish.  Spend more money on service then on the items being served – instead of having a full bar, offer a limited bar with more bartenders so there is never a line.  Apply this mindset to your entire event and your guest will love it.
  2. Unique Theme – Use an off the wall theme instead of the tried and true party themes.  This will keep your guest from building up the event in their mind, which in turn makes it that much easier to impress them.
  3. Create a Plan – You wouldn’t build a house without first approving a set-up plans – why treat an event any different.  The plan should be as detailed as possible AND get it on paper to be able to share with others.
  4. Keep things Simple –  For events the “devil is in the details” and details will make or break your event.  By keeping things simple, elegant and fun you have fewer details which will help create a 5-star experience for your guest
  5. Know your limits – Nobody is a pro at everything so Hire a Professional to pick up where your talents or time lack.  If decorating isn’t your thing then hire a rental company to help.  The same can be said for food, entertainment, event planning and all elements of your event. Check out some of the event services we provide.