Rental Agreement

EPIC Event Rentals is excited to provide rental items for your upcoming event.
Please review the information below & electronically sign the agreement.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

EPIC Event Pros d.b.a. EPIC Event Rentals
Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

Terms: EPIC Event Rentals will provide rental services to the person listed below identified as the Renter in this agreement. Rental services are outlined on the renter’s invoice. The renter agrees to and will pay the price(s) listed on the renter’s invoice.  Any additions to the order require additional payment at the time the addition is made.  50% of the renter’s invoice is due at signing this agreement.  The balance of the attached invoice is due 1 month prior to the event date.

Customer Pick-Up & Return Hours: Pick-up hours are between  9 am-3 pm on Thursday and Friday.  Drop-off/return hours are between 9 am-3 pm on Mondays.  Excluding Holidays.  Any pick-up or return hours needed outside of these timeframes should be coordinated with EPIC at the time of your initial consult.  The renter will pick up rental items and is responsible for loading and securing the items. The renter is also responsible for unloading upon return.

Delivery/Pick Up: A delivery charge is applied to every delivery request unless EPIC Event Rentals is providing the set-up of your items. If the Renter is not present at the time of delivery and/or pick up, the item count is deemed correct and in good working order.  

Notice of Damaged/Missing Items: The Renter must report all damaged or missing items immediately upon delivery by notifying the driver or calling the office at 970.372.2965. No refunds for damaged or missing items will be given after the event.  Replacement charges, if necessary, will be charged to the Renter.

Damages and Late Fees: Any damage caused by the Renter and/or any person(s) associated with the renter or renter’s event that occurs to any and all rental items while in the possession of the Renter is the responsibility of the Renter and will be paid for by the Renter at the regular replacement price, plus reasonable shipping/handling and taxes. The Renter assumes full liability for all damage, destruction, loss, or theft caused by Renter and/or any person(s) associated with the renter or renter’s event.  The renter will pay any reasonable charges assessed by EPIC Event Rentals at the time of return or for concealed damage that is discovered within three days after the return of the equipment. Late fees will be applied to equipment that is not returned on time. Damage fees will be automatically charged to the Renters credit/debit card. Credit card information will be destroyed once items are returned and inspected.

Glass & Table Settings: All glass is to be stored in the proper container for transport. All food debris must be removed from the table settings before being returned.  A one-day rental charge will be assessed on all items returned that have not been rinsed free of food debris.

Linens: Never put wet linens into a plastic bag.  Use bags supplied by EPIC Event Rentals.

Return Check Policy: All returned checks will be subject to the maximum fee allowed by law.

Cancellation: If the client cancels, all fees paid at the time of cancellation are forfeited to EPIC Event Rentals.

Dye Lots: Dye lots may vary. Linens in our rental inventory are sometimes added to at different times from different manufacturing runs. In addition, some pieces within a color/style are rented more frequently than other pieces. Our samples are very good representations of our inventory, but because of the situations described in this section, be advised that the appearance of one linen may vary slightly from another linen in your order. In cases of variations, our preparation staff will do their best to match color hues within an order.

Hold Harmless and Indemnifications: You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all liability, claims, damages, actions, and causes of action whatsoever that may arise from your possession or use of any rental item, regardless of cause, and you will indemnify EPIC for all cost of the defense thereof and judgments or settlement of claims resulting from damage to property, injury, or death arising from your use of said items.

Force Majeure: EPIC Event Rentals shall not be liable for failure to perform as a result of an Act of God (e.g., fire, flood, inclement weather, epidemic or tornado) war or act of terrorism including chemical or biological warfare; governmental acts, order or restrictions; failure of suppliers or third parties; or any other reason where failure to perform is beyond the reasonable control of EPIC Event Rentals. EPIC Event Rentals will only entitle the client to a refund of fees paid on the portion of the order not delivered.